Affinity model and talent

I am represented by this agency and believe that they have done a good job for me. I have been with them for around three years. We both work to submit and promote me. They are professional in my dealings with them. Should you fit into their roster of types, you can expect them to treat you fairly. They make money when I book jobs. Simple.


I met Jeff back in 1998 after being in Florida for about a year. At that time I was debating whether or not to stay in Florida. His agency – Ariza sent me on my first Florida audition (“which I booked”). I appreciate Jeff’s directness and honesty. Because of that experience I was encouraged to remain in Florida and have had countless wonderful opportunities and experiences. I have been blessed to work in commercials, film, print, TV, industrials and tons of Theater. The beauty is I found myself in places and with people that have been beyond what I could imagine. I have also have had the pleasure getting to know Jeff and his family and have seen their personal growth over the years. I truly recommend Ariza, Jeff and his staff to anyone who is interested in the business. Hey Jeff… “thanks –a- million!”

Bubblegum casting reviews

I have been working with Bubblegum casting for about six months now. Everything has gone very smoothly. All the staff are helpful and nice. I have gotten more gigs than I ever expected. They have always paid generously and on time or ahead of time. The best part is I had zero experience doing any kind of modeling and they have taught me so much.

Bubblegum casting reviews